Escape From Meriden

Date(s): 15/11/2019 - 16/11/2019
Time: 11:59 pm


Escape from Meriden 2019 entry

Important: DO NOT enter unless you have first marked emails from and as a safe senders (especially, but not exclusively, Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo, who will junk or block our emails outright).  If your confirmation email bounces/does not arrive, your entry will be cancelled, and you will be unable to re-enter afterwards.

Entries live at 12pm 23/11

UPDATE 12:49: All Solo places are now SOLD Out! Update 16:00.All pairs SOLD OUT. 13 chained remain


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Ticket 4: Escape from Meriden Tshirt
Features *Escaped from Meriden. Do not Approach" on the front and "Ultrarunning Community Payback. Escape from Meriden" on the back

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